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Physical Security Surveys

A Physical Security and Risk Analysis Survey is a thorough physical examination of a facility and/or its operation with respect to personnel and company assets. These specialized workplace investigations are extremely valuable business tools. A Certified Protection Professional examines the risks your organization’s assets are exposed to, reviews the measures that are in place to protect them, and provides recommendations to mitigate risk and decrease liability. The survey is performed during daylight and nighttime hours as well as business and non-business hours. This service will analyze the existing state of security and determine the degree of protection required. We provide you with a comprehensive report upon completion of each physical security and risk analysis workplace investigation.

We examine a wide range of risk categories including:

  • Area / neighborhood crime analysis
  • Internal/external loss prevention
  • Employee theft
  • Cargo theft prevention
  • Emergency planning
  • Cash handling
  • Product handling
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Access control
  • Personal safety 

Security systems assessed include:

  • Lighting
  • Fencing & gates
  • Physical security personnel
  • Key control
  • Parking
  • Fire prevention
  • Close circuit television (CCTV) systems
  • Alarms
  • Access control 
  • Specific area or departments

We make recommendations for improvement compatible with the needs of your organization in the following areas:

  • Emergency Planning and Preparedness
  • Loss Prevention
  • Physical Security
  • Protection of Sensitive Information
  • Security Equipment
  • Security Management
Google APPS

Google provides a wide variety of powerful web applications ranging from email and calendar to documents, storage, and sites. We assist our clients in leveraging the power of Google products to enhance their communications, capabilities, and services. We understand the challenges business face and use our real world experience to assist our clients in improving processes and moving to “the cloud”.

Specific Examples:

  • Electronic Incident Reporting
  • Work Request Submission Web Sites
  • Web Based Post Inspections
  • Automated Notifications / Escalation
  • Online Facility Inspections
  • Electronic Document Storage
  • Internal & External Websites
  • Android APPS